Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Flatbush

Email Account Instructions

You can have an email account which is hosted by our congregational web site, To do this, just follow the following steps. If you need assistance do not hesitate to contact me at:

Visit our congregational web site: and select the “Contact Us” tab.

Select the email address below my name and you will get your own email window with the address and nothing else in the email. On the subject line, please type: “New Email Account”. In the body of your email, tell me what you would like to have as your email address. It is your choice of any address you want, but I would urge a name that is in keeping with the idea that this is representative of our church. (I do not think suggestive names would be appropriate.) If there is any question about an email ID, I will submit it to Pastor Omar for his decision.

Once you have gotten the reply from me with your email address, you will get a link that will re-state these instructions. You will go to the email host:

There you will type in your email address ID on the user ID line, and use the starter password, which is “Welcome-1” = do not type the quotes.

On this page you can enter a password of your own choice, which will give you security in that only you can access your email account.


Email TypeIf you use an email program, such as Outlook, or any other, you can use your Trinity-Flatbush email account in it, since this is a POP3 account. Just use your email ID as the user ID, and your new password. The server address for incoming as well as outgoing email will be ""

In the appropriate places put your name, password and email address.

That's it!

These instructions should help you get started with your Trinity email account. As I said, if you need more help send me an email and I will try to assist.

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